Setting up a Draytek 2960G with BT and BT TV


So personally I own a Draytek 2860. This post is for setting it up with BT infinity, IPv6 and BT TV.

All of these bits of information are available from other sources this is just me collating it all in one place

Technically these settings should work with other UK ISP’s especially the WAN setup and the IPv6 just the usernames/passwords will have to be different. Also the same is true for the Draytek as previosly i have used a 2830 and the setup’s the same but setup with WAN2 rather than WAN1 as the 2830 doesnt have a VDSL modem only ADSL

Setting up the Internet Connection

After logging into the Draytek, we need to check that its on its correct VLAN for Infinity. To Check this go to WAN >> General Setup >> WAN1

First of all give it a Display Name so that it becomes easier to identify in other menus, In my case i just called it BT infinity. I also have forced it to use VDSL2 only just incase it decides to find a ADSL connection.

And now for the important bit setting the VDSL vlan tag to 101

Here is a screenshot showing my settings: